Armory Features

Welcome to the Combat Ops Rifle – the most modern weapon in the laser tag industry. It features hundreds of different built-in weapon types and sound effects. It can imitate ANY weapon - from semi-automatic to fully automatic to even RPG's or tank cannons! Be sure to check out our NERF-style armory too - we feature everything from hammer-style six shooters to fully automatic MEGA blasters! Be sure to sign up for mission updates or follow us on social media!

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Powered Close-Quarters Optic

Take aim with a scope that is both helpful and realistic for all-around better gameplay.

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Large Speaker

A large speaker improves the overall gameplay experience by enhancing sound and heightening senses.

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Gun Vibration

A vibration feature on our laser tagging guns creates a more realistic gaming experience.

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LCD Screen

Keeping important gameplay information at the forefront on a clear, easy-to-read display.

Arena Features

Our arena is different from traditional laser tag and sets us apart. Our NERF-style arena features soft flooring and inflatable bunkers.

Real Vehicles

Whether they're your targets, obstacles, or part of your mission, experience working through and around real vehicles in the game arena – from school buses to troop transport trucks.

War-torn Environment

Immerse yourself in the gameplay experience – war-torn buildings in your arena landscape can be part of the mission or used to sneak across the combat arena undetected.

Higher Ground

Various levels of playable space means a larger, more realistic experience – just keep your eyes open and watch out for snipers! Our gear also enables players to lay prone on the ground as well!

A Tank

Yes, you read that right – sometimes part of a mission (and other times just a fun place to shoot), interact with our on-site tank in the arena.