Laser Tag


Our brand of laser tag is truly unique.  COMBAT OPS laser tag is played the way laser tag was meant to be played.  We take laser tag to the next level!  Say goodbye to old fashioned vests and cheesy-themed arenas and say hello to our urban arena.  You will find a full-size dump truck, a school bus, and even a tank that all come into play during your missions.  Our taggers use real, red-dot scopes and require precise aim to make "hits."  But our missions are what truly separates us from all other laser tag in the area.  During each 30 minute session, you will play 2-4 missions that challenge you and your teammates to "complete" your mission and win the game.  Our missions include everything from a simple team vs team shooting spree, to capture-the-flag, king-of-the-hill, and our ever popular zombie missions!  You really have to come experience our environment to fully understand how different we are!