Laser Tag Armory

Welcome to your combat rifle! Our state-of-the-art taggers are unlike anything you’ve played with in the area. Our combat rifle not only looks realistic—it sounds realistic! They can simulate any modern weapon—both in sound and the way they emit damage. Who knows? Maybe you will come across a “weapons box” during gameplay and pick up a heavy machine gun. Or perhaps you will come across a nice perch with sweeping views of the arena and pick up a sniper rifle! 

Want to start with a shotgun instead of a combat rifle? The choice is yours! 

Our taggers use wifi to communicate with each other as well as “props” on the battlefield to create the ultimate LIVE first-person shooter game.

One more thing—at Combat Ops Arena, we don’t use vests. We use headband sensors connected to the tagger via Bluetooth. This frees up the player to move about with less restriction and less bulk associated with heavy vests. It also enhances the experience and excitement as one can be hit by simply peeking around a corner.