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Looking for an EPIC birthday party idea that’ll get your child and their friends active and having fun? Look no further than Combat Ops Arena.

It is literally every child's dream battle experience. Your son or daughter will be equipped with their own laser rifle and accomplish missions with their friends—they can play cops and robbers holding up a bank, capture the flag, or rescue someone or something and get it back to its rightful place. We also offer several STAR WARS missions that will really get you excited!...our laser taggers turn into laser blasters and they will take on the empire!   It’s like their favorite video game has come to life!

Feel free to bring in any food of your choice or have it delivered to our facility.  We will store frozen items for you too as a courtesy.  We offer a variety of beverages, including beer and wine.  We also can provide disposable tableware for a small fee.

We offer many different party packages depending on your needs and we can schedule events during non-peak times and even peak times.  All parties may be booked by clicking BOOK ONLINE


  • This package includes 1 party room

  • 2-30 minute sessions of COA Mission-Based Laser Tag where the party can experience laser tag like never before!

  • 6 people are included in the package base price and individuals can be added at $25/player.

  • Includes (6) $5 CROSSFIRE arcade cards.  Additional players will also receive a $5 CROSSFIRE card.

  • Package starts at $190.00  BOOK NOW


  • This package includes 90 minutes of mini bowling fun in our dedicated, 4-lane, mini bowling lounge.

  • Includes 60 minutes of unlimited bowling.

  • Accomodates up to 16 bowlers.

  • Party package starts at $225.00 - BOOK NOW


  • Experience two of our popular attractions together!  This package includes one party room and a $20 CROSSFIRE game card for 8 players where they can redeem the tickets they earn at our amazing prize counter.  

  • This party also includes 1 30-minute unlimited TRIPWIRE laser maze session - Fort Wayne's largest and most challenging laser maze!

  • Create your own unique adventure by adding any of our exciting options!  This may include CROSSFIRE gameplay cards, custom dog tags, or Combat Ops Arena apparel.

  • Party package starts at $160.00 - BOOK NOW

Corporate Events & Team Building

Our signature gameplay requires teamwork and communication you won’t find anywhere else. Your team will have to capture zones, communicate enemy positions, and think on the fly. They’ll need to plan an attack and then execute it in real time—together. We can customize the experience anyway you like. Tactical laser tag is a corporate team building event that will both refine needed communication and send them back with smiles, laughs, and some war stories. Your employees/customers/clients will want to come back for more!  

In between sessions of our exhilerating laser combat enjoy our GROUNDSTRIKES mini/duckpin bowling or CROSSFIRE arcade.  We offer 4 lanes of small scale bowling in a relaxing, comfortable lounge.  2 large video walls play your favorite movies or music videos and you can enjoy a bottle of beer while playing.

Your corporate event can also include use of one of our party rooms all equipped with LCD televisions for presentations etc.

Click HERE to download our corporate event brochure.

Private Events

Looking for a way for you and your friends to reconnect? Want to spice up a family reunion? Combat Ops Arena is also perfect for a bachelor(ette) party or a unique way to celebrate a friend’s promotion. Or maybe you just want to get together with co-workers and outsmart your boss. 

Combat Ops Arena also is an outstanding venue for fundraising.  E-mail us at to learn more about fundraising at COA.

Look no further than Combat Ops Arena. We can accommodate any type of party and customize gameplay to maximize fun.